Design and Innovation

Innovation, design, quality and most of all the desire to lead and not to follow, has resulted in HydroCo becoming a world leader in the manufacture of hydrotherapy experience centers. Our aggressive, yet methodical approach to the development of new product is recognized throughout our industry and indeed is the envy of many of our  competitors.

Our equipment is designed to international safety standards and many of HydroCo’s electronically controlled systems are in compliance with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and European (CE) conformity– tested to international electrical medical safety standards.

In addition to this, our tubs and capsules are FDA registered – credentials that provide users of our equipment – especially in public facilities – peace of mind.

Hydrotherapy Pools and Showers

In addition to HydroCo’s standard product range, we also engage in the development of unique custom designed products that include hydrotherapy experience pools and showering/thermal experience rooms.

Consultation and Education

HydroCo are able to provide real information at the early stages of any development – including equipment selection, profitability analysis, preparatory engineering detail, room requirements, service menu development and ongoing educational programs.

Water-wise & Energy Save

No other hydrotherapy equipment supply company is more in-tune with the necessity to design and develop products and services that minimise both water and energy consumption. Hydrotherapy does not necessarily mean the consumption of vast amounts of water. HydroCo invest considerably into product development and we have shown by example our innovation and responsibility, by introducing revolutionary products to our industry including our new HYDROSAVE water & energy saving control system that is optional on all our showering systems – just a simple approach that can make such a difference.