Hydrotread 816


  • Large internal dimensions 1.6 x .80m (62” x 32”)
  • Speed of up to 15 km an hour  (9.3 mph)
  • Water level adjustment from 0 to 1.3m (52”)
  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic water chemistry management system
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily re-locatable



The Lexko HydroTread 816 is a state of the art rehabilitation and fitness tool.

It is delivered in two pieces, the treadmill unit and the integrated water storage/equipment tank.  We supply flexible fittings that connect the tank and the treadmill ensuring ultimate flexibility.

Pre plumbed and ready to be connected to water supply by your local plumber.  

Water is perfect for anyone looking to exercise in a low-impact environment, relieving stress on joints and muscles as the deeper the water is the lighter you become - taking unnecessary weight of those  joints whilst  building required muscle strength. Fill the treadmill above waist level to experience a feeling of weightlessness –  perfect for those coming back from injuries or post-operation rehabilitation. Starting from a low speed range, the user is able to gradually improve exercise intensity as they feel more comfortable.

The variable speed treadmill that runs up to 15 kph (9.3mph) provides the ultimate work-out for even the conditioned athlete. Those just looking to get fit, HydroTread exercise produces can produce a high intensity workout. Muscular strength and endurance improves as the user must run or walk against the natural resistance (drag) caused by the water. Water is 1,000 times more resistant than air.

Deep water running, resistance training and water kicking may be performed in the HydroTread 816. Resistance jets, stretching lines, bicycles, steppers and other accessories may also be used within the pool.

Optimum Hygiene

Rapid turnover filtration (cartridge filter)

Automatic water quality management system as standard across our entire range.  Constantly monitors pH and sanitizer level to ensure optimum and constant hygiene


Entry into the underwater treadmill unit is simple. Users enter through the door opening which is then closed. At the touch of a button, the unit is filled with temperature controlled water within minutes. The water level can be adjusted at any time throughout exercise. Water level adjustment is vital as it compensates for body weight and load bearing during variable exercise.


Water used in the pool is transferred from a storage tank where it is automatically heated, treated and filtered. –  (water is heated, treated and filtered when in storage tank & in the treadmill pool) The water is delivered to the pool when required and returned after use – the pool water is NOT disposed of after each use. As the water is contained within an enclosed storage tank, heat loss is minimal. Therefore, energy consumption is a fraction of that used in an open air pool. The on-board computer system manages heating, filtration and water turn-over schedules, making the HydroTread 816 a low maintenance system.


Finance is available throughout our entire range

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