ThoroughTREAD Equine

Above Ground, Robust System designed for ease of use and ultimate flexibility.


  • Aquatic Treadmill.
  • Chill Spa
  • Hydraulic incline
  • Aeration System
  • Full touch button control with electronic readout
  • Operators platform
  • Extra Large Design
  • Automatic Water Exchange.
  • Water level up to 1300mm
  • Equipment can be located up to 10m away, on the floor above or the floor below.





ThoroughTREAD Aqua is an above-ground, robust yet compact, equine system designed for long-term reliable operation. Its smooth surfaces and user friendly controls, provide a safe working environment for the operator and animal. Clear wall panels surround the treadmill to provide a spacious, bright and open environment for horse comfort, and allows the operator to monitor activity of the horse during exercise.

Water Conditioning, Rehabilitating and Strengthening

ThoroughTREAD Aqua utilizes the natural properties of water buoyancy, resistance and temperature. Although aquatic exercise is practiced extensively to assist equine athletes achieve peakperformance or rehabilitating an injury, ThoroughTREAD Aqua provides a new, innovative and advanced approach for this type of training.


is the incorporation of a high performance variable speed treadmill with the standard speed range up to 15kph (9.3mph) with optional speed range of up to 30kph (18.6mph). It enables deep water therapy, and has been engineered to accommodate an impressive water depth of up to 1300mm (51 inches), approximately 6,000 litres (1585.5 gallons).
ThoroughTREAD Aqua also offers the new and innovative CHILL SPA specification, making it the most complete aquatic equine centre available. The treadmill may be operated wet or dry.

Chill Spa - Inflammation

ThoroughTREAD Aqua CHILL SPA (optional) enable the use of chilled water during treadmill or spa activity. In addition to the main water storage tank (used to fill and store the water from the treadmill) an additional water storage tank is provided. This secondary storage tank holds chilled water maintained at temperatures as low as 2°Celsius (35.6°F).


ThoroughTREAD Aqua is supplied standard with variable height incline that has been designed for use during dry treadmill operation. The smooth hydraulic incline adjusts from 0-10 degrees and is beneficial in improving stamina and building muscle strength, particularly in the back and hind quarters.

Camel Specification Available

At Lexko Animal Health we have developed a special belt with unique tread to cater for the soft pads of the camel’s feet.

ThoroughTREAD Benefits

  • Builds muscle strength
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Accelerated conditioning
  • Promotes correct posture and a balanced gait
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved performance
  • Minimises performance injuries
  • Reduces swelling


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