The Lexko Underwater Treadmill

The PhysioPools Underwater Treadmills are the result of many years of research, development and testing. They are offered in the following products;

The PhysioPools range of products is designed with quality and ease of use in mind.  All our systems feature state of the art filtration and water management systems.

What gives the PhysioPools Underwater Treadmill Systems the point of difference;

  • All systems are designed to be installed n an existing room.  All components are delivered in modular form to be carried through a standard doorway and assembled in room.
  • Class leading design, all units are very high quality and robust.
  • International 2 year warranty
  • State of the art filtration and automatic water treatment system designed for OPTIMUM HYGEINE
  • Storage tank and equipment can be located up to 10m away, in another room, on the floor above or the floor below.
  • All our products can be easily relocated at any time, with minimum cost.
  • All products are designed, manufactured and installed by PhysioPools engineers and trades.

Leasing is also available across all the range.