HYDROCO Testimonials

“At Clinique Ergonique the HydroCo Thermal Capsule is part of the treatment package for meso and after lipo suction. With Meso we use this treatment before injection to increase the circulation. Our patients come in 1 to 2 times a week for detox and drainage after treatment until their next Meso treatment. After lipo we do the treatment two times a week for 6 to 8 weeks for smooth lump free texture. We also incorporate this with Weight Loss programs.”

Dr. Mix, CEO

“HydroCo have been a great support and continue to be, and they have been a wealth of knowledge for someone just starting in the industry. The equipment is innovative, versatile and reliable and the continuous support from the technicians at HydroCo, make it easy when you live on an island! The training and support over the past 12 months from HydroCo has been commendable and refreshing in this competitive market. We look forward to a continuously successful future with HydroCo and beyond™.” 

Luana Friend - Spa Manager, Daydream Island Rejuvenation Spa

"When we developed our Spa and Salon we wanted to feature water as strongly as possible but also be environmentally sensitive - especially considering the drought situation we have in Queensland. 

Our spa has stunning views of water and we have various water features (which are water-wise) throughout the spa to create ambience. We always knew we wanted to have a water treatment for our clients and believe these can have great therapeutic benefits.

We considered the Vichy shower but felt these were not environmentally friendly in terms of water use - and we also needed to consider the high cost of water useage, so we settled on the Thermal M capsule. This has been extremely popular with both our male and female clients - it's more private than the Vichy and the controlled water and steam experience is very well received. The staff love it too - as they are not drenched when giving treatments!"
Leanne Morris – Director, Harbour Day Spa

“Initially we wanted a piece of equipment that would allow us to do a range of treatments. The HydroCo 3i fit in with this criteria perfectly allowing us to perform over six different types of treatments in our salon, (so far). The machine itself is very simple and easy to use. It creates minimal mess or fuss (particularly when doing mud and algea wraps), and it's easy to clean: very important when our schedule is very busy."

" HydroCo's range of equipment is an inspiration for our ideas when we eventually expand our range of treatments; keeping us "up with the times". 
Tanya- Therapist - Owner, Heaven on Earth Day Spa

"HydroCo Suzi™ has been a fantastic addition to the team at Radisson Treetops Life Spa, Port Douglas. She is a great team player, well presented, reliable, hard working and highly skilled in her field. She brings a smile to our client's faces with her first few moves then you watch as the client relaxes into her arms and drifts away someplace else. Whether it be a 3 minute finishing service following a spa treatment, a 45min intensive hair spa with steam while enjoying a manicure and pedicure, or a shirodhara treatment, Suzi™ delivers a fabulous treatment every time. She has the ability to transform clients in a matter of minutes. She also has the ability to transform therapists in a matter of minutes as she takes the pressure off. We love Suzi™, and the word from our guests…that was the best, when can I do it again?"

Deb Turnbull

ASpa is proud to count HydroCo as one of its members, as a supplier they not only support the industry with innovative technology through the equipment that they manufacturer. HydroCo has also been willing to share their knowledge and expertise in the area of water and energy saving to benefit of the ASpa members and their business’s, assisting the spa industry as a whole in becoming smart with their use of water.

Susanne Nelson
ASpa President

“Australasian College of Natural Therapies is a world leader in the fields of natural therapies, beauty therapy, spa, sport and fitness education. 

As we take care of our bodies we must also take care of our planet and I congratulate Brian Gay and HydroCo on the development of their exciting water-saving technologies. HydroCo’s commitment to developing leading-edge spa technology combined with amazing water efficiencies shows Australian innovation at its very best.
Danny Bielik
Managing Director
Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Hydroco is the much prefered spa equipment supplier to True Solutions best of the best Spa Universe salons and spas.

Mandy Gray, True-Solutions

Quality is a word, rarely applied to the manufacture of equipment for the Salon or Spa, yet  Hydroco is one of those exceptions.  Having visited their showroom at Seaford in Victoria recently, I saw first hand the construction and quality control of Hydroco products, and there is no question that thisis quality manufacturing.

The creator of Hydroco Experience Centres, Brian Gay, has become an icon to Spa’s around the world.  Rarely do you see such enthusiasm, imagination and vision reflected in products made for our industries. Not to mention Brian’s fastidious care on selection of sound materials (e.g brass fixtures instead of cheap alloys); his design and construction plus quality assurance procedures during manufacture are impressive.

When selecting equipment for the Spa or Salon it is important not to purchase something which is already outdated before it leaves the showroom, or worse something which does not endure continued use. Either is an unlikely event, while Brian’s innovative ideas become reality. Hydroco has developed almost every conceivable pleasure centre for clients who, always want to take their Spa experience one step further.  A word of advice to any Spa owner seeking to replace or update equipment, consider Hydroco equipment first where neither the experience nor the quality where off.

Jeannie Chapman
1to1 Beauty Therapy Training.

"Innovative, reliable, quality and attention to detail all come to mind when I am asked about Hydro Co. Their equipment was borne to cater for the needs of the Spa Market and this is certainly meet by the fantastic range that they offer, all resulting in easy to clean efficient equipment that assists the spa in delivering a great guest experience".

Susanne Nelson - President - Australasian Spa Association

"Having been involved in the Spa Industry for several years now HydroCo is one company that I have had many interactions with. As an operational spa manager their training and support has been second to none! As an industry advisor their innovation beyond all others has lead me to recommend and chose their equipment countless times! As a spa association member their industry support is recognised globally!"

"HydroCo is a leader in water conservation based therapy and I am exceptional proud to be witness to their contribution to the global spa industry."

"Brian Gay is an innovator beyond compare….I have learnt a tremendous amount about equipment design and water conservation, this has been invaluable knowledge with my growth in the Spa Industry." 

Vanessa Gay – Director – Spacareers
Vice President – Australasian Spa Association

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