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Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:35

1to1 Beauty Therapy Training

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Quality is a word, rarely applied to the manufacture of equipment for the Salon or Spa, yet  Hydroco is one of those exceptions.  Having visited their showroom at Seaford in Victoria recently, I saw first hand the construction and quality control of Hydroco products, and there is no question that thisis quality manufacturing.

The creator of Hydroco Experience Centres, Brian Gay, has become an icon to Spa’s around the world.  Rarely do you see such enthusiasm, imagination and vision reflected in products made for our industries. Not to mention Brian’s fastidious care on selection of sound materials (e.g brass fixtures instead of cheap alloys); his design and construction plus quality assurance procedures during manufacture are impressive.

When selecting equipment for the Spa or Salon it is important not to purchase something which is already outdated before it leaves the showroom, or worse something which does not endure continued use. Either is an unlikely event, while Brian’s innovative ideas become reality. Hydroco has developed almost every conceivable pleasure centre for clients who, always want to take their Spa experience one step further.  A word of advice to any Spa owner seeking to replace or update equipment, consider Hydroco equipment first where neither the experience nor the quality where off.

Jeannie Chapman
1to1 Beauty Therapy Training.

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