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“Soft Steam”

All Steam generators incorporate the unique “Soft Steam” element switching feature that has been designed to maintain a consistent and comfortable environment throughout the Steam bathing experience.

The Generator uses full power of both elements to heat up the room to the pre-set temperature and then automatically reduces power to half its elements, resulting in a more consistent flow of soft billowing steam and a more stable room temperature. This simple yet very effective feature minimizes temperature variations and delivers an even flow of steam.

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“Steam Generators and Auto Drain”

The “Auto Drain” feature is standard on all Steam generators. At the end of each Steam bathing session the generator automatically drains. The generator remains empty until the next bathing session when the generator is filled with fresh water for a safer, hygienic and more pleasant bathing experience.

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“Warm Touch” inlet

The “Warm Touch” steam inlet has been designed to provide as safe as possible bathing experience. An internal insulator delivers steam into the room while the external chrome plated brass surface remains much cooler reducing risk of burns. A fragrance reservoir on the inlet allows the addition of fragrances to enhance the Steam bathing experience.

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“Touch Screen Control”

Flush mount, low profile - displays temperature, time and features ‘delay start’ to pre-warm the steam room ready for bathing. Locate inside or outside the steam room.


  • In-room audio system
  • Mood lighting
  • Circulation fan
  • Range of control panels.
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