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Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:35

1to1 Beauty Therapy Training

Quality is a word, rarely applied to the manufacture of equipment for the Salon or Spa, yet  Hydroco is one of those exceptions.  Having visited their showroom at Seaford in Victoria recently, I saw first hand the construction and quality control of Hydroco products, and there is no question that thisis quality manufacturing.

The creator of Hydroco Experience Centres, Brian Gay, has become an icon to Spa’s around the world.  Rarely do you see such enthusiasm, imagination and vision reflected in products made for our industries. Not to mention Brian’s fastidious care on selection of sound materials (e.g brass fixtures instead of cheap alloys); his design and construction plus quality assurance procedures during manufacture are impressive.

When selecting equipment for the Spa or Salon it is important not to purchase something which is already outdated before it leaves the showroom, or worse something which does not endure continued use. Either is an unlikely event, while Brian’s innovative ideas become reality. Hydroco has developed almost every conceivable pleasure centre for clients who, always want to take their Spa experience one step further.  A word of advice to any Spa owner seeking to replace or update equipment, consider Hydroco equipment first where neither the experience nor the quality where off.

Jeannie Chapman
1to1 Beauty Therapy Training.

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:34

Australasian Spa Association

"Innovative, reliable, quality and attention to detail all come to mind when I am asked about Hydro Co. Their equipment was borne to cater for the needs of the Spa Market and this is certainly meet by the fantastic range that they offer, all resulting in easy to clean efficient equipment that assists the spa in delivering a great guest experience".

Susanne Nelson - President - Australasian Spa Association

"Having been involved in the Spa Industry for several years now HydroCo is one company that I have had many interactions with. As an operational spa manager their training and support has been second to none! As an industry advisor their innovation beyond all others has lead me to recommend and chose their equipment countless times! As a spa association member their industry support is recognised globally!"

"HydroCo is a leader in water conservation based therapy and I am exceptional proud to be witness to their contribution to the global spa industry."

"Brian Gay is an innovator beyond compare….I have learnt a tremendous amount about equipment design and water conservation, this has been invaluable knowledge with my growth in the Spa Industry." 

Vanessa Gay – Director – Spacareers
Vice President – Australasian Spa Association

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:33

Aveda Institute – Beauty Basics USA

"On behalf of Beauty Basics Inc., I would like to thank you and your organization because we purchased two Hydrotone tubs with Vichy showers for our Aveda Institute - Houston (one of our seven Aveda Institutes) and we are very pleased. The tubs far exceeded our expectations because of the ease of use and multi-functionality.

Also, the customer service that you have provided has been by far one of the best customer service experiences that I've encountered since dealing with the vendors while building this new school. I look forward to a continued relationship and thank you again for all of your assistance."

Crystal Cormier, Director of Spa Development, Beauty Basics Inc

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:32


“HydroCo has educated our therapists to get the most from our equipment. Quality and service is an obvious priority with HydroCo. ”

Melanie Schmidt - Vice President of Spa Development & Education

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:30

DRP Architects

"As an architect who specializes in Spa and Wellness we are constantly struggling, to not only find professionals willing to provide knowledge, expertise in their filed, combined with back-up support but most importantly a good product. Over the past 8 years we have found only one firm who seem to offer all these attributes and this is HydroCo. When designing spas facilities we must be able to contact such suppliers and have an immediate response to all types of issues and questions.

For example: 
'can we alter the equipment to locate pumps in other location not under the spa', 
'can we have it in a different colour', 
'can we have extras such as more lights' 
The answer always seems to be Yes,

The other major problem is the technical side. Part of our roll as architect is to be able to supply enough information to the builders, plumbers, electricians etc so they can install and fit-off the equipment without problems. HydroCo issue a concise specification document which we are able to include with all our plans, making for a simple installation process.

In short to have a product that is reliable, that we feel confident in recommending is a valuable asset for an architect, combined with the fact HydroCo are prepared to think outside the square and go the extra mile, results in a very unique end product for the spa user."

Guy Tulloh - Director, DRP Architects 

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:29


“An extensive range of equipment and services that HydroCo presents so well. We enjoy working with them on an international basis.”
Thora Klein - Director of Retail & Human Resources

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:27


“Honest and accommodating - we recommend HydroCo as our premier source of equipment.”

Gale Heron - Managing Director

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:24

Back on Track Health Clinic - HydroTread 1611


Since installing the HydroTread 1611 Underwater Treadmill Unit from PhysioPools in March 2011 we have experienced and increase in interest and usage. The machine is very simple to operate, allowing us to cater for a large range of clients, varying in size and weight, with conditions ranging from; 

·         Post operation rehabilitation.

·         Post stroke rehabilitation.

·         Return to work strengthening programs.

·         People with chronic disabilities e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Osteoarthritis.

·         Weight loss exercise programs.

With the use of the individualised strength and exercise programs we are able to progress from basic to complex water based exercises and then land based exercises allowing the client to get back to there activities much quicker than just physiotherapy alone. enabling the clients recovery rate to speed up dramatically..

The HydroTread 1611 is not only for people with injuries. We have also had elite athletes using the pool for both fitness and recovery sessions. This has been successful in allowing us to create a new method of treatment and target a broader group of clients.

Roslyn Trimboli Guardala

Master of Physiotherapy

B.App.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science)

Back on Track Health Clinic


Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:24


“HydroCo is an innovative, reputable organisation that has over the years continually proven its honesty and reliability."

Lenette Casper - President, Phytomer Corporation

Saturday, 02 February 2013 21:22

HydroTone Thermal 3

After experiencing One Hour Hydrotherapy Treatment:

“It was fantastic! I’m so relaxed. I cant’ believe a whole hour has floated by so quickly, it was amazing! “
Sarah 22 – Customer, Heaven on Earth Day Spa