Improve health with benefits of Steam

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Improve health with benefits of Steam

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How to use your steam room.

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Improves breathing

Steam improves breathing better than any other natural form, blood circulation increases, and the nasal passage opens to enhance sinus function. It acts as a natural expectorant, providing relief from asthma and flu-like symptoms – clearing the airway in your lungs and providing relief to build-up in your chest and throat.

Maintain youthful, well nourished skin.

Steam opens pores and lubricates your skin to rehydrate and rejuvenate, leaving it feeling healthier, looking radiant and youthful. It assists your skin absorb vital nutrients including oxygen, vitamins and minerals. It loosens dead skin cells prior to effective exfoliation and reduces skin irritation making it an ideal preparatory to shaving or waxing.

Relaxed muscles positively impacts general wellbeing.

As a natural muscle relaxant, steam effectively relives stress and fatigue, increasing muscle flexibility and suppleness – reducing overall stiffness. Steam promotes the removal of lactic acid from overworked muscles. As a result you may experience relief from pain including discomfort from ailments such as arthritis. Steam boosts the metabolism and can burn 150 calories in as little time as 15 minutes at a temperature of 45.5˚C.

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Enhance your experience

With the addition of audio, lighting and fragrance to your steam shower you will effectively transform your bathroom into a welcoming wellness escape.

Remove toxins.

By raising the body’s temperature, ‘steam induced’ perspiration is an effective way to remove toxins such as chemicals and contaminants and eliminate viruses or bacteria from your body. Steam also assists in ridding your body of excess sodium.

Feel calm, rested and easy.

Steam is used globally as a result of its proven health benefits. The after affect of a steam shower is a feeling of overall wellbeing. Your sleep becomes restful and sound, your muscles start to become tension-free, your mind becomes clear and you feel good.

Environmental benefits.

HydroSteam releases steam at commercial volume but uses only around seven (7.0) litres of water for a 30 minute steam session, costing only cents to operate. HydroSteam is easily installed with any new or renovated shower.

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