How to build and install a steam shower

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Installing a steam shower in your home

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Home Steam shower installation

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It’s all about the planning when it comes to installing a steam shower. Items that require planning and consideration are waterproofing, steam retention, electrical and plumbing requirements.

Your plan should include:

  1. Size And Location – Choose a comfortable size, big enough where you can stretch your legs, but not so big that you have to waste a lot of energy to keep it full.
  2. Ceiling height – The lower ceiling height, the easier it is to fill. 2.4m is an ideal height.
  3. Outside walls – Outside walls are affected by the external weather. For the sake of efficiency, we prefer you keep your steam room away from these walls.
  4. Windows and skylights – your steam room should not have any windows or skylights as they affect the steam.
  5. Doors – Doors need to contain the steam, if some escapes thats ok
  6. Ventilation – Ensure the ventilation of the room is planned to prevent mould from growing
  7. Placement of generator – The generator must be placed within 10m of the steam shower and is in a location that isn’t prone to extreme temperatures
  8. Floor – Your steam shower floor should not be slippery to prevent any injury. We recommend the placement of anti-skid strips
  9. Electrical installation – Make sure you use a qualified electrician to connect your generator to the main power board in your home. Your electrician will also install any other elements that will keep your home safe from any related electrical issues.
  10. Plumbing – Use a qualified plumber to connect all the plumbing including water pipes, steam pipes and drainage within your steam room.
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