The Bucket Contrast Shower

For the most exhilarating ‘hot and cold ‘experience you will ever have in the shower.

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  • Hydroco BucketBliss
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The most exhilarating contrast shower with a waterfall over your head and shoulders.

  • Lightweight with compact design
  • Stand-alone unit
  • RGB multi-colour Chromotherapy lighting
  • Mist-Sprays
  • Touch controls

The heavy waterfall over your head & shoulders feels incredible.

Bucket-Bliss is a brand new contrast shower innovation designed to awaken your senses and provide an exhilarating experience.

At the push of a button, the equivalent to a large bucket of water is released from above and within seconds you feel what the power of water can really do – we call this experience Bucket-Bliss.

Hot and Cold showering
Imagine standing under a hot shower. Then at the push of a button, a cold water Bucket-Bliss falls through the hot shower spray and explodes over your entire body. Now that’s exhilarating. An ideal way to start the day and a wonderful recovery shower. Plus you can set the Bucket-Bliss temperature so that the water fall suits your requirement Hot, Warm or Cold – the contrast is an awakening for your entire body!

Smooth, sleek design that’s easy to install.
Ideal for every shower. With its stylish and versatile design, Bucket-Bliss installs easily within the standard roof space above your shower. The stainless steel panel sits flush against the ceiling finish. In addition to the Bucket-Bliss feature you can add a Drench Shower, Jet Spray and Chromotherapy Lighting to the panel. Select from a range of panel finishes: chrome, black chrome, matt black, gold or red.

HydroCo Experience Showers

HydroCo supply a range of experience Showers to suit the client’s requirement and budget. Experience Showers may include wall mounted body jets, overhead misters, jets, sprays, waterfall, lighting, aroma-infusion, thermal contrasting, set-program automation etc.. controlled via touch screen control or pneumatic activation. Experience Showers can be supplied in kit form for incorporation within the clients shower build or we can supply the entire shower system pre-plumbed & wired. Custom design also available.