Hydrotherapy experience pool. Massage, Exercise or simply relax.

Create an unforgettable hydrotherapy experience pool custom built for your facility.

  • Hydroco Experience Pools
  • Hydroco Experience Pools

Experience Pools Small

A multi-sensory hydrotherapy experience contained in one pool.

  • High performance HydroMassage seating
  • Reflexology and resistance walk / swim zones
  • Waterfall jets and hydromassage walkways

A completely unique multi-sensory experience

Whether you need an experience pool to accommodate 2 or 20 people HydroCo have the expertise and understanding in how to make the experience memorable and beneficial to your client. We can incorporate high performance HydroMassage seating, reflexology and resistance walk / swim zones as well as waterfall jets and hydromassage walkways that have streams of water positioned to contact every part of the body from the lower leg to the head. A hydrotherapy experience pool is not a swimming pool ! Swimming pools are designed to swim in and therefore do not provide the best opportunity to generate a higher revenue for your facility. An experience pool can accommodate more people who are actually experiencing true hydrotherapy and appropriately paying for this luxury. An experience pool is an ideal zone to allow clients to enjoy and prepare prior to massage and other treatments.