An incredible steam room experience.

Sit back and unwind with steam, mist, an ice fountain and waterfall.

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Hammam + Rasul

Luxury steam room inspired by the traditional Turkish baths steam room.

  • Pre-fabricated moulded rooms
  • Ready for tile
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Smart design with excellent options
  • Excellent ROI

World leaders in well-being hydro design and technologies.

Explore our range of pre-fabricated moulded rooms that create an incredible environment both structurally and visually.

The curved seating wall and ceiling panels are factory moulded from reinforced water-proof fibreglass and are designed to mate together to create the desired room size & shape to suit your facility. Each moulded component can be man-handled and carried through the building to the final location where the room is to be assembled. Once all components have been fixed and sealed together a free-standing structure is then ready for tile application and door fitting.

Our build system and materials result in a sealed, water-proof room that handle the extreme temperature and moisture within the hot, steamy environment. Unlike many steam rooms that have been built using traditional building materials/methods, our rooms will not rot or smell damp due to structural/finish break-down.

Our pre-fabricated rooms are easily and efficiently assembled and ready for tiling by a builder/handyman – without complication – in as little time as one day. All that is required is a clean level floor to build the room on. Each room is supplied with a commercial grade, powerful steam generator and control, hand-shower, starry sky fibre-optic lighting and mist-sprays.

HydroCo Steam Rooms

A range of pre-fabricated, moulded Steam Rooms & Hammams available any size required. Curved or square edges seating, curved gloss finish ceiling panels etc.. supplied in kit form ready for on-site installation and ready for tile application. Powered by HydroSteam generators & controls, misters, showers, lighting, audio, ice fountain, waterfall…. Can be incorporated In your room build. Custom design also available.