Vichy Showering Systems offering a unique and invigorating treatment

Create an unforgettable hydrotherapy experience at your facility.

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  • Hydroco Hydrosave Vichy Showers

HydroSave Colour-7

An electronic Vichy shower that consumes 80% less water without compromise.

  • Seven individually controlled shower heads on a swing away rainbar
  • Each showerhead has an individual shut off and RGB lighting
  • Made with Acacia Cedar
  • Use over any table or in Hammam, Steam Room etc.
  • Soundsave + in-room audio
  • Face shield

Hydrosave Colour-7 Automated Vichy Shower (HCAVS)

HCAVS is an electronically controlled shower system that enables individual shower heads to be programmed to operate as and when required throughout treatments. One of the main advantages of this is that shower heads can be activated ahead of the therapist’s movements.

The showerhead or heads can be timed to sequence over the bathers’ body and thus prompting the therapist to follow the shower flow. As opposed to relying upon the therapist to be responsible to maximise the use of the resource. Sequential shower head operation also creates an incredible experience as well as keeping the body warm using as little as one shower head instead of operating all 7 heads – remember that the shower heads can cycle over the body as and when programmed to do so.

All showerheads can operate simultaneously and again the timing can be programmed. The ability to run programmes will also enable the therapists a less hands on approach where appropriate.

Soundsave: Soundsave utilizes crisp audio recordings to simulate the shower spray sound. Bathers have a better experience when the Soundsave system is activated along with the shower head. In-Room audio can be selected at the control panel and a pre-recorded sound track will play along with the Soundsave audio. HydroColour lighting system: As each shower head activates in program, the shower head pours out a rich soothing pre-selected colour – blue, green, orange etc this not only heightens the bathers experience but also the therapists.

HydroCo Vichy Shower Range

Fabricated from stainless steel and utilizing the highest grade of European plumbing components the HydroCo brand of Vichy Showers are internationally renowned for their high performance, reliability, water & energy saving and most importantly safety! Vichy Showers can be wall mounted, table mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing to suit application. Manual control or touch screen control with pre-programmed treatments are available. Custom design also available.