Nothing compares to a HydroSteam shower.

Your body, mind and senses will relax in a way you could not imagine.

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Install HydroSteam into your new build or bathroom renovation for the most relaxing showering experience.

  • Touch screen control / Temperature sensor
  • Steam-head with fragrance reservoir
  • HydroSteam generator with auto flush & drain system

World leaders in well-being hydro design and technologies.

You can now experience the luxury and benefits of steam in your own shower. HydroSteam is surprisingly affordable and very easy to install. The benefits of using steam for your and your family’s health and wellbeing are endless. From noticeable improvement of your breathing,nourishment of your skin all they way through to toxin removal, Hydrosteam will leave you calm, relaxed and rejuvenated for anything life has planned.

Key features
Only three (3) new components are required to turn your new shower into a steam shower.

  1. Touch screen control / Temperature sensor
  2. Steam-head with fragrance reservoir
  3. HydroSteam generator with auto flush & drain system

HydroSteam suits virtually any shower design. Your plumber/builder installs HydroSteam in much the same way as a hot water service is installed. It’s easy!