The fully optional body treatment tub

The premier hydrotherapy tub.

  • Hydroco Hydrobath
  • HydroToneL2 lights-1
  • HydroToneL2 lights-2

HydroTone L2

True 7 zone hydrotherapy experience.

  • Electronic activation via touch switch control panel
  • 3 pre-set programs
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Safe use of salts, muds, seaweeds and essential oils
  • Self sanitizing rinse cycle
  • Separate hydro jet and air jet systems

Professional Hydrotherapy at a convenient price

The Hydrotone L series provides a sophisticated hydrotherapy tub at a convenient price. Three pre-set programs, treatment timer and water temperature display are easily activated and an electronic control panel assists in treatment supervision.

As with all Hydrotone tubs, the use of salt, mud and seaweed additives is permissible. This is due to the automatic ‘rinse’ cycle effectively sanitizing the entire plumbing system between each client treatment.

HydroCo Hydrotherapy and HydroMassage Tubs

HydroCo launched the most advanced hydrotherapy tubs in the international market in the late 90’s, the HydroTone range of tubs became the number 1 selling tub throughout many markets including North America and Australia. Suitable for use with salts, seaweed and even sea water use units available. Custom design also available