A convenient drop-in pool treadmill

Turn your pool into a multi purpose, low impact exercise environment.

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HydroTread Satellite

Drop-in pool hydraulic treadmill. Aquatic convenience at it’s best.

  • User friendly controls
  • For water depth up to 1100 mm
  • Quiet, smooth, powerful motion

Human Aquatic Treadmill – in your pool.

The HydroTread Satellite our Drop-In pool treadmill – you supply the pool!

The Satellite is an aquatic treadmill designed for long-term reliable operation. Its smooth Stainless Steel surfaces and user friendly controls provide a safe environment for the user.

Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Strengthening
Satellite utilizes the natural properties of water – buoyancy, resistance and temperature. Although aquatic exercise is practiced extensively to improve fitness levels and rehabilitation from injury, Satellite provides an efficient way to achieve positive results in a controlled environment.

Deep Water Capacity
The Satellite’s unique structural design enables an impressive 1100mm (43 inches) water depth immersion providing full buoyancy for even the largest of user’s – reducing overall weight off the lower back and legs by as much as 90% during exercise – LOW IMPACT EXERCISE.

Typical water depth for Satellite Installation is between 900 mm – 1100 mm (35 – 43 inches) to suit a varied height range of users. For users wanting an intense running workout, a water depth of around 600 mm (24 inches) is ideal.

Quiet, Smooth, Powerful Motion
A high performance, variable speed treadmill (conveyor) is driven by an industrial grade hydraulic Power Pack that provides an effortless speed range from 0.02Kph to11.0 Kph (0.1Mph–7.0Mph) controlled via a 256 Colour Touch Screen Control.