Vichy Showering Systems offeringa unique and invigorating treatment

Create an unforgettable hydrotherapy experience at your facility.

  • Hydroco Hydrowood Vichy Showering
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  • Hydroco Hydrowood Vichy Showering


Stunning and unique handcrafted timber design.

  • Stunning hand carved table and matching control panel
  • Final product is treated and sealed for wet room conditions
  • Swing away rainbar with seven showerheads each with individual shut-off
  • Hand shower for ease of rinsing and cleaning
  • Face shield
  • Soft cushion waterproof mattress

The ultimate in luxury and relaxation

The Hydrowood-7 vichy system incorporates all the style and safety features you would expect from a HydroCo design.

This stunning and unique hand-crafted wood table is made from reclaimed timber. 100-year old wood is dried and then carved to the shape of a mangrove leaf. It is then appropriately treated and sealed for wet room use.

The vichy shower has seven individually controlled showerheads which are tuned by a twist of the therapist’s wrist from ‘rain’ to ‘needle pattern’. By turning off individual showerheads, concentrated pressure flow can easily be focused to areas of the body – which is of benefit whilst performing hydrotherapy massage. Features include a ‘swing away’ rainbar and a thermostatic mixing valve. These features not only ensure the bather’s comfort but, more importantly, their safety. The table has a super-soft mattress with a moulded face cradle, providing ease of access for the therapist- enhancing the massage whether the bather is face down or face up.

HydroCo Vichy Shower Range

Fabricated from stainless steel and utilizing the highest grade of European plumbing components the HydroCo brand of Vichy Showers are internationally renowned for their high performance, reliability, water & energy saving and most importantly safety! Vichy Showers can be wall mounted, table mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing to suit application. Manual control or touch screen control with pre-programmed treatments are available. Custom design also available.