Steam vichy for the ultimate in body treatments.

Enabling full body treatments including body scrubs, sea-weed and mud masks.

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The most most versatile body treatment capsule in its class.

  • Vichy Shower
  • Steam
  • HydroColour lighting
  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Can use muds and seaweed
  • Water-wise
  • Easy to operate

Time Capsule

Stunning in design and simplistic operation the “Time” from HydroCo will complement any wet room. Enabling full body treatments – body scrubs, sea-weed and mud masks. The Hydrocolour lighting system sets the mood. Time’s aromasteam and showering system have been designed to make “Time” the lowest water consuming treatment capsule available. Using only 4liters(Lpm) of water per minute for a full body wash off.

Vichy-shower, Aromasteam and Hydrocolor lighting – Time is the most stunning and most versatile body treatment capsule in it’s class, it’s simplistic to use and so affordable – you will be amazed just how easy it is to own and operate.

Time is a free flowing, free standing structure complimented by a full color range that enables it to blend with it’s surroundings from earthy, natural granites to clinical sanitized white.

Time is the very latest in HydroCo’s Thermal body treatment capsule range. It is simplicity at it’s best. Time incorporates the three essential functions that enable full body treatments both efficiently, and effortlessly, including seaweed, mud and moisturizing masques – these functions are Aromasteam, Vichy shower and HydroColor lighting.

Aromasteam is a high-atomizing, hot steam sensation that carries with it the aroma of choice. The aromasteam is sprayed throughout the capsule, and rises from beneath the bed, warming the bed surface whilst doing so. The aromasteam infusion can be heard throughout the capsule, adding to an incredible soothing environment. The hot aromasteam activates the nutrients contained in such products as seaweed, muds etc.. that have been applied all over the body – effectively infusing and enhancing the treatment results.

The aromasteam temperature control also allows the selection of cold infusion. Cold infusion is still a high-atomizing spray, but utilizes cold water as opposed to hot. Cold infusion creates an ideal environment to sooth, calm and moisturize irritated skin -including sun-burn.

Vichy shower – located within the capsule lid – consists of strategically positioned, high- atomizing mist showers that saturate and drench the body – quickly and efficiently washing off the residue from body masque. The high atomizing mist showers produce a pleasant, comfortable showering experience, and can also offer thermal contrasting from hot to cold showering, without thermal shock to the bather. The transition from hot to cold cycling is a gradual one- highly pleasurable and energizing. Again, the showers may be temperature controlled, and set to ‘cold mist’ for a soothing environment when treating damaged skin – such as sunburn etc..

HydroColor lighting is used to assist in the relaxation, and re-balance of the various systems of the body. The LED lighting system is a powerful beam that saturates the capsule and allows the selection of up to seven colors. The desired color may be selected at a touch of a button. Color stimuli is both calming and soothing – and when combined with oxygen and hydrotherapy, amazing effects may be achieved in rejuvenation and re-energizing – for both the client and the therapist.